Choreg (չորեկ) is an Armenian weevil that is involved in the Easter holidays as well as most of the other similar sweet pasta foods of the Christian peoples. The path of leather goods, whether in the form of woven bread or just muffins, is a very long and intertwining of different peoples, religions, cultures. It is often saturated with symbolism and traditional beliefs. Shurika (شوريك - Arabic), chorek (çörək - Azerbaijani and çörek - Turkish), chore (չորեկ - Armenian), tereka (τσουρέκι - Greek) etc. are close names of very similar sweet culinary products from the test with eggs, butter, milk. In Christian communities, this ritual bread is most often prepared for Easter and less often for Christmas. Here we will present one variant of Armenian cuisine. It should be noted that mahleb * is added to the involvement of the Armenian Kozunak, just as in the Greek one.

* Extremely popular spice from the called Mahalebka cherry tree. It has a fruity-floral aroma with hints of vanilla.

Necessary products:

Armenian Choreg (չորեկ)
Flour - about a kilo
Cow butter - 250g.
Fresh milk - 250ml.
Eggs - 6br.
Sugar - 300y.
Maya (fresh) - 40-50y. or 2 again. dry
Mahleb * - 3-4h
Salt - 1h
Hot water - 50ml.
Spread egg
Sesame for sprinkling
Raisins (optional)

Method of preparation:

The yeast is dissolved with some sugar and flour in warm water for about 10min. The cow's butter is melted and stirred with the warmed milk, and eggs, salt and moleh are placed in succession when broken. Mix with the yeast and add the flour until soft dough is obtained. Mix thoroughly on a wicker board for about 10min, and add raisins to the end if desired. Then cover with foil and cloth and leave warm for about 2 hours or until volume doubles. Mix again several times to remove carbon dioxide and re-heat for about an hour. It is divided into 3-4 equal balls, and each of them into three equal parts. From each of the three parts one weevil is weaved and left to boil for the last time - about 30-40 min. min. The temperature is then lowered to 180 ° C. After about another 10 minutes are over.