Here we present a project of a large and beautiful house with a veranda, garage and 6 bedrooms spread over two levels. On the first floor are positioned two of the bedrooms together with a living area, including a kitchen with a closet, dining room and living room, which are combined in a common area and together with the open to the other rooms on the floor of the lobby offer a useful area of ​​about 50sq.m. One of the two bedrooms here is transitional and the service bathroom is located between them and the wide staircase to the second level. In front of the entrance hall there is an entrance, which in turn provides a warm connection to the garage.

Upstairs, there are four more bedrooms and a relatively large bathroom around the spacious lobby. One of the rooms has a covered terrace. The facade is designed in an interesting combination of dark red bricks, stone decorations, light plaster and dark wooden elements. The roof is finished in gray, just like the windows.

Internal distribution of the house:
First floor:
1st floor - 7.80m²; 2.foyer - 11.10m²; / bedroom - 14.00m²; / bedroom - 11.30m²; 5.bathroom- 6.30m²; 6.days - 15.40m²; 7. dining room - 14.70m²; - 7.50m²; 9.killer - 4.30m²; 10. boiler room / service room - 6.00m²; 11. garage - 21.40m²;

Additionally: Veranda - 24.10m², Staircase - 7.60m²; Entrance hall - 4.40m².

1. foyer / entrance hall - 22.90m²; / bedroom - 13.70m²; / bedroom - 15.00m²; 4.bathroom- 7.80m²; / bedroom - 10.50m²; 6.WC - 2.40m²; / bedroom - 13.30m²

Additionally: Terrace - 5.90m²

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