Just a few days ago, 9-year-old Dimana from Sofia returned from Japan with great success. At one of the biggest competitions for children's drawing the Bulgarian won first place. In addition, in competition with over 26 000 drawings from 94 countries, NovaTV reports.

Bulgarian draws the most beautiful drawing in the world
"For a very long time and multilaterally, the fellow artist who was a member of the jury dealt precisely with the composition of her drawing. This is exactly how she presented the european traits of children, the technique, ”said her teacher of fine arts Tatiana Antonova.
"Every parent is proud to see something like this happen. I would like to give her the opportunity to try different things and find what she likes, "confessed the father of the child, Krasimir Stoyanov.
When her parents brought her to the School of Fine Arts, Dimana was 4 years old. However, the smallest schoolgirl her teacher ever had fulfilled her biggest dream. Arranged Bulgarian work in front of 94 countries.

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Bulgarian draws the most beautiful drawing in the world