This is an easy way to prepare a delicious double toast with ham, cheese and egg. You only need two slices of toaster, butter or other fat, boiled or smoked sausage, yellow cheese (in this case Emmental cheese), egg.

Method of preparation (products must be at room temperature):

Grease the two slices with butter and sandwich them with ham and cheese. Using a glass or a cup, cut a piece out of the middle of the sandwich you are storing. Heat a frying pan with low fat (it is possible that if you have no experience and work without fat, burn the lower slice). Carefully place the toast and bake it, then turn and break the egg into the cut hole. Salt and season with red pepper, spices to taste. Arrange the plate with the available products and the cut from the middle (in this case, smeared with ketchup and mayonnaise). When the egg is ready, carefully remove it to the plate and serve hot.

Ham and egg toast