We have repeatedly touched on the idea of ​​building a hearth or barbecue of concrete blocks, but here again we will look at this opportunity, which is a very quick and effective solution for outdoor cooking. Concrete blocks or bricks are widespread, of standard size and allow for the easy creation of a wide variety of structures. On the other hand, they are a perfect fire limiter, as well as a kind of trap for the heat released during combustion. Therefore, if you plan to use outdoor fire and do not have a fireplace or barbecue, blocks will solve the problem. If you do not intend to make a large construction, connecting the blocks may not be necessary, but rely solely on their natural weight for stability. In this case, after the culinary pastime is over, you can just as quickly and easily dismantle the hearth.

Previous posts have described different approaches - from Building a hotplate of blocksTo making a Big Garden BBQ.

The choice of model and size is a matter of individual decision, and for larger implementations there are a number of details that are well-suited. The good thing about this case is that even one concrete block is enough for a small fire, and according to the available grill, which after all is the basis for baking, the blocks can easily be arranged horizontally or vertically. If the structure is quadrilateral, i. closes the fire on all sides, then putting a lid on it, after receiving the embers, will also allow smoking by smoking, as in classic barbecues - an approach we described in the idea of Making a big BBQ.