This cookie house will need more inspiration and desire than special culinary skills or rare products.

Products: biscuits, wafer crusts (you could break the layers of ordinary waffles), sticky cream (everything from solid white liquid chocolate or butter cream to sugar fondant), coconut shavings, colored candy, various sugar decorations, cookie shaped of humans and more.

As a base for your artwork, you can use a waffle crust, ready-made or homemade pastry marshmallow to coat with white cream.

You start by building both sides of the cottage, which will tilt the roof. They must be the same height and the triangles have identical angles. Using the adhesive cream, you form the base as shown in the pictures. You add the roof, and with the help of bits of cream, ice, and waffle crust, form tiles and snow decorations. Put on the base and decorate with a variety of sweet temptations, sprinkle with coconut flakes or cream, and you're done with your cookie Christmas tree.