The garden sink is an extremely useful and functional corner during the warm months and we will offer you an easy-to-implement pallet idea. Unlike massive sinks, which have their own requirements and disadvantages, because they have to be prepared for temperatures at zero degrees, and their construction must be in accordance with the plumbing, the pallets allow the construction of a mobile version, which can be located anywhere and many easily winterized.

As the inflow of water is provided by a garden hose, it is no problem that the sink is relocated periodically. The most important thing is to have enough pallets, an old pan, creative inspiration and a desire to work.

Method of production:

It is advisable to first sketch your future sink. In this way, you will anticipate the stages of execution as precisely as possible and will have the opportunity to consider the details. The size is probably the most important part because you can make a minimalistic version with a small pan or a large mass, as in the ideas described for garden table for planting and replanting и temporary garden kitchen for barbecue. It is advisable to completely unlock the pallets and sand the boards if necessary. The most important part for any furniture, whether for home or garden is construction. Therefore, think carefully about this part, and consult a specialist if necessary, because the stability of your sink depends on it. Depending on the idea, several additional beams may be required. In a simplified design, a stabilizing counter or back will suffice. Consider drainage - whether directly from the siphon in the garden, in the sewer opening or in a tank. When you are ready to implement the plan and before installing the pan, you can paint and / or varnish your new garden accessory.