This is an artistic idea for shaping Christmas bread as a Christmas tree, which is also suitable for Christmas Eve. Unlike traditional pastries, here is an 3D pastry temptation with a vegetable hue. The natural colorings of parsley and tomato juice used add a soft and specific aroma to this bread, but they can also be replaced with red beet and spinach juice, as in cake "Bulgaria", and can be made with the most common non-color soda dough. The contrast between red and green, however, creates a sense of celebration that is characteristic of the last month of the year.

Necessary products:

Christmas Tree "Elhichka"

Wheat flour 520g. - (2x260y)
Dry May - 2x3y. or 2x1xL.
Sugar - 2x3h
Sol - 2x1h.l.
Peeled tomato juice - 100ml.
Parsley juice in water - 100ml.
Water - 60ml.
Oil - 100ml. (2x50ml)

Method of preparation:

Prepare coloring juices by fusing fresh parsley in some water and peeled tomatoes. In two bowls mix the flour with sugar, salt and yeast. You can use less dry yeast, or half a cube of fresh (divided into two), or baking soda in vinegar - it depends on how much your bread will puff up. It is preferable that the dough does not swell much when baking. Add minced tomatoes and parsley, 50ml, to each half. oil and 30ml. water. Knead a medium-sized batter of each of the two colors and allow to simmer. Add some flour or water as needed. Then roll out on a thin sheet of baking paper and transfer to trays. You can run both tests simultaneously or sequentially. Cut into larger, medium and small triangles and a star or cross for the top of the tree. Bake for about 30min. in a preheated 180 ° C oven. If you are baking both of these marshmallows, swap them at the same time after 15 minutes. When roasted, cover them with a towel for 10-min., Then pick up two wooden skewers and begin to line the trees, starting with the largest pareas and alternating red with green and back. This amount is sufficient for two trees with a height of about 20-22cm. With a more puffy dough, a higher height can be obtained, but more deformation of the triangles is possible when baking. Serve and surprise!