Christmas decorations with stickers are an alternative method of decorating the home on the eve of the holidays. Unlike classic decoration, self-adhesive stickers can be placed on any empty space inside or out, even on cars and facades. Of course, their life is very short, because after their removal, in most cases, it is impossible to use again, but this is only reminiscent of the transience of things.

In particular, the models offered by Art Senses allow a wide range of artistic variation. "Alternative trees " are a test of patience and creativity. Composed of many different size, shape and color elements that can be composed in unlimited variations. They also have the ability to be deconstructed on individual Christmas motifs or stand-alone accents. Whether on the wall, on the floor, in the front door ceiling, in the elevator, or even on the car, this decoration will easily bring a festive smile and a cheerful tease.

"Christmas Garlands" they are also the perfect artistic solution at the lowest price because they also provoke original thinking and can be very creative when composing the details. Like fir trees, they are durable even in wet rooms or environments if the surface on which they are placed is dry at the time of bonding.

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