Give joy to your family and surprise the little ones on the holiday with a delicious Christmas bun shaped bun.

Here you will need to show more ingenuity and artistry than culinary skills. We will offer sample marshmallows and cream recipes, and you will need to use all your imagination and creative skills to create a fabulous Christmas roll.

Necessary products:

For swamp:

6 pc. eggs
1 hours sugar
1 hours of flour
1 pc. backpacker
2 tablespoon of oil

For cream:

200 Mr. Chocolate
175 g cream cheese, at room temperature
125 g soft oil
200 r powdered sugar
50 g cocoa
200 g sour cream

Powdered sugar for sprinkling
The decorations use sugar figurines and fondant that you need to secure in advance. You can find them in pastry shops or buy online from a specialized site.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath and then let cool. Whisk together the butter and cream cheese. Add the powdered sugar and cocoa and beat until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Finally, you add the chilled chocolate and the sour cream until you get a fluffy smooth cream.

You also prepare marshmallows: Beat the eggs with the sugar, then add the sifted flour with the baking powder. Pour the mixture into a square baking pan that has been pre-oiled and covered with baking paper. Spread evenly throughout the tray. Bake until pink and then flip on a wet cloth until the swamp is warm. Spread with some of the cream and roll. Now the creative part is coming.

Cut at an angle two small pieces of roll and glue to both sides with the help of cream. Apply full length cream and side pieces by streaking or use a fork to leave marks that resemble tree bark and sprinkle with icing sugar on the corners. You will need to invest a large amount of creativity here to shape the roll so that it resembles a stump. If you have fondant and sugar figurines, you can try to arrange a true winter tale. Put white fondant on all corners of the roll and outline the spiral with the chocolate cream. Spread out on the corners, mimicking the melting snow. Decorate with snowman and dwarf figures.