We present you a very pleasant and easy version of the technique decoupageused for candle decoration.

You need a candle to decorate (it is recommended that it be lighter), another candle (a regular tea candle), a spoon and a sticking pattern. The image can be cut from any paper, but not cellophane.

Prepare a candle to decorate by first dusting it and then drying it well. Cut out the image you want and pinpoint it on the candle. With one hand, you hold the motif to the candle, and with the other you heat a spoon over the tea candle on the concave side. With the heated part of the spoon gently smooth from the middle to the edges, trying to remove the remaining air under the image. In this way the wax is superficially melted and the element glued. Do not use cellophane motifs as they will melt and warp. If you have dried flowers and are fine enough, you can use them instead of paper items.