With this project of a one-storey house with 4 bedrooms, a double garage and a ceiling, we will try to present another idea of ​​the architecture and interior layout of a modern home. On a built-up area of ​​over 260 square meters, of which about 150sq.m. are clean residential designed this wonderful building that offers everything you need for a modern large family. Four sleeping quarters and two bathrooms are available to the owners. In addition, there is a separate toilet and laundry room next to it. The living area is spacious and rich in light, thanks to the large French windows that also provide access to a neat patio in the backyard. The kitchen part of the living room is D-shaped, located at an angle window and has a separate closet. In the corridor connecting the rooms of the home, there is a falling attic staircase that provides access to the attic volume, which, thanks to the height of the house, provides a significant usable area of ​​over 60sq.m. for adaptation to the specific needs of the owners.
The entrance hall is connected to the double garage, from where it can enter the boiler room. The latter also has a door to the side yard of the home.

The facade of the house is made of white with complementary elements of light wood, which contrasts beautifully with the dark roof. The beautiful garden with stylish arrangements and decor adds to the splendor of this cozy home.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 4.66m²; 2nd storeroom - 2.24m²; 3. kitchen - 11.22m²; 4. living room + dining room - 36.28m²; 5. corridor - 18.08m²; 6.wc - 2.90m²; 7. warehouse / laundry room - 4.53m²; 8.bath- 8.20m²; 9.bath - 5.00m²; 10. bedroom - 13.65m²; 11. wardrobe - 2.58m²; 12. bedroom - 11.17m²; 13. bedroom - 11.17m²; 14. bedroom - 9.34m²; 15. boiler room - 7.34m²; 16.Double garage - 34.45m².

Total: 182.81m²

Additionally: Attic attic - 61.17m² (233.8m²)

Living space: 148.36m²;
Built-up Area: 265.14m²;
Height of the house: 7.60m;
Cubic capacity: 1250.00m³;
Roof slope: 25 °

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