This project of a one-storey brick house, 4 bedrooms and a garage is a demonstration for optimal use of the useful volume in the creation of a wonderful and functional home. Most of the space is set aside for the spacious living room with access to a lovely veranda in the backyard, as well as an adjoining kitchen area. An interesting approach, demonstrated in previous projects, is to build a connection between the entrance hall and the kitchen through the closet. And the entrance hall itself, in addition to the door to and from the home and the closet, also offers a connection to the garage, through a transitional storage and / or boiler room. The bedrooms are small, but on the other hand they are 4 in number and are serviced by two bathrooms. The parent's supposedly sleeping room also has a direct access to the veranda and garden.

The façade is designed in a combination of light plaster and bricks that harmonize with the roof covering, while large French windows provide plenty of light in the living room. The beautifully landscaped yard undoubtedly arranges this home in a collection of beautiful houses and gardens.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 7.2m²; 2. closet - 2.4m²; 3. kitchen - 9.4m²; 4. living room + dining room - 42.8m²; 5. bedroom - 11.5m²; 6. bedroom - 12.8m²; 7.bath- 7.0m²; 8. corridor - 10.5m²; 9. bedroom - 10.7m²; 10. bedroom - 10.7m²; 11.bath- 3.2m²; 12 warehouse / boiler room - 10.2m²; 13. garage - 36.63m².

Total: 159m²

Additionally: Veranda - 13.5m²;

Living space: 128.20m²;
Built-up Area: 216.20m²;
Height of the house: 7.08m;
Cubic capacity: 983.90m³;
Roof slope: 30 °

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