In the current project of a beautiful one-storey house with 4 bedrooms and a garage, the garden pergola is integrated into the common architecture and is structurally linked to the building, making it an interesting design element and a useful shelter. Situated in several places, these protruding eaves are constructed of wooden elements supported by steel profiles. The house itself is very practically distributed, as from the entrance hall, which also has a connection with the garage and the boiler room, enters directly into the living room. This area of ​​the home is very bright because even the kitchen area is located under corner windows and the room is open to a lovely porch. The corridor divides the day and night halves of the house, and two bathrooms serve the four bedrooms.

The garden is clean and beautifully arranged, and the facade combination of light colors, wood elements and metal blends harmoniously with the dark gray roof and creates a sense of style and comfort.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 7.10m²; 2. corridor - 15.70m²; 3. kitchen - 10.55m²; 4. living room + dining room - 38.45m²; 5. bedroom - 12.55m²; 6.bath- 6.25m²; 7. wardrobe - 2.25m²; 8. bedroom - 9.85m²; 9. bedroom - 9.85m²; 10. bedroom - 9.85m²; 11.bath - 5.20m²; 12. warehouse / boiler room - 4.60m²; 13.Double garage - 37.85m².

Total: 170.05m²

Living space: 132.20m²;
Built-up Area: 275.20m²;
Height of the house: 6.75m;
Cubic capacity: 1093.00m³;
Roof slope: 22 °

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