Having a large barbecue table in the garden implies the possibility of great parties with delicious instant food. Such a solution is extremely suitable for companies made up of people with different tastes and preferences for food. This is a task that can be purchased ready from JAG Grills - https://www.jaggrill.com/, but there is also an opportunity for people with sufficient experience and knowledge to make it themselves.
Of course there are many details that need to be well thought out, but in essence the idea is based on a large octagonal barbecue with the ability to attach wooden countertops. This will allow eight people to cook the grill in eight different ways, and the company can be much, much larger.

The vast area implies a number of possibilities, but also many details tailored to it. Naturally, the main body is made of metal and on each of the eight sides has the possibility of securing side wooden countertops that make the large barbecue grill. There is a smaller octagon in the middle, with the distance from the outside metal side of the combustion area to it defining the personal grill for each of the eight sitting around the table. On this small octagon there is a higher metal detachable structure that serves, when removed, to load the barbecue, and after installation as an additional area are baked at a lower temperature. All eight grills are movable and allow access to the coals, and a door for cleaning and removing ash is installed on every other or four sides.