This is a magnificent project of a one-storey house with 3 bedrooms, which can be completed with an underground level. Under the roof of this home there are three sleeping rooms, two bathrooms and several servicing and connecting rooms, as well as a spacious living room, combining a living room, dining room and kitchen. The house also offers the convenience of two porches - a small one in front of the entrance hall and one large in front of the living room overlooking the beautiful garden. The possibility of building on the underground level allows the formation of additional usable areas equal to the total area of ​​the house plus porches. Here it is envisaged as storage and relaxation areas, billiard, winery, cinema room, sauna, and the approach to this level is via a wide staircase from the lobby of the residential floor.

The façade is executed in a wonderful combination of beige-brown colors with stone and wood decorations. These caramel-chocolate tones harmonize beautifully with the beautiful and beautifully landscaped garden with a backyard pool.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 9.05m²; 2.the entrance hall - 2.75m²; 3.bathroom - 5.40m²; 4. bedroom - 16.65m²; 5. wardrobe - 5.80m²; 6. bedroom - 15.80m²; 7. bedroom - 15.00m²; 8. foyer - 5.95m²; 9.bath- 3.95m²; tract - 39.25m².

Additionally: 11.veranda at the entrance - 11.00m²; 12.Verana in front of the living room - 30.00m²;

Underground level:
1st floor - 5.25m²; 2. corridor - 2.75m²; 3. toilet - 2.50m²; 4.relax zone - 8.70m²; 5. sauna - 7.95m²; 6. warehouse - 15.00m²; 7. warehouse - 9.85m²; 8. home theater cinema - 22.95m²; 9. billiard- 39.25m²; 10. service premises - 5.55m²; 11. boiler room - 9.40m²; 12. cellar / winery - 25.80m².