With these garden design ideas and tips, we hope to be of use to those who love plants and flowers and create their own beauty spot outdoors. We have touched on various aspects of the arrangement и landscape design, but the truth is that if one has the desire and the time, even the smallest piece of land allows him to start a green life. The more the area we transform grows, the more the details and complexity of the execution become. And as we like to say - good preparation prevents failure. Therefore, regardless of the volume of goals you set, if you plan to walk the path to achieving them yourself, you should take the time to prepare. Plant species are always at the core, so when you start thinking about the idea, put it at the center of the questions to solve. Soil, humidity, climatic conditions, root system, life cycle, etc. are crucial to achieve a harmonious blend. Similar and non-aggressive species can be composed in single habitats, but through decorating separate beds in the garden, different zones can be obtained. Consider the need for water for each type and method of irrigation. The same applies to light. If you have enough space, foresee paths and alleys - shape, directions, flooring, etc. If you want a fence, consider it. Decorative elements or night lighting, rock garden, pond, bench and even a gazebo, the details are so many that if you want to anticipate everything before it happens, it will take a lot of effort. However, the result of a well-executed task will be greatly appreciated for all the efforts made. Here are some ideas for implementation: