Making a garden path out of tree washers is a relatively easy but time consuming endeavor, which, after its realization, impresses with the unobstructed artistic beauty of the natural materials. In various publications we have touched upon similar ideas for the interior application of this approach, as in the development of Wood washer flooring or Wall decoration with wood. The work in the garden is similar, but the scale is larger, the possible methods of work more, and the details and forms of arrangement - unlimited. First of all, planning and good preparation are needed, which include taking into account and anticipating possible obstacles, providing the necessary materials and choosing how to implement them.

The choice of timber for the path is the basis for future work. It can be one type or a combination of different types. It is desirable to anticipate possible aging and decay, given the fact that the path will be exposed to a variety of atmospheric conditions. Some tree species require the removal of the bark, while others do not. Good preparation and expert help will maximize the life of what is created. Ensuring the shape, preparation and leveling of the foundation are also extremely important. Depending on the thickness of the washers, which may even be logs, the depth of form is given. The substrate for the arrangement of the wooden elements can be made of sand, soil or various soldering mixtures. The wood can be pre-impregnated after cutting or left untreated. The possibilities are endless, the important thing is to have the desire, time and creative inspiration.