Isn't it really fascinating!

We present you an authentic garden corner with traditional brick-built brick oven and barbecue. The composition is captivating, very enjoyable and looks quite comfortable. Ideal for family gatherings, dinners with friends and any summer events in a home setting. Suitable addition for cottages and small guest houses as well as rural tourism sites. Every yard deserves a place like this, it is not difficult to build and it is not particularly expensive. If you have decided to make yourself such a cozy garden area, be sure to consult an oven and barbecue master, especially if you are undertaking such a project for the first time. You can also purchase prefabricated structures that are available in a wide variety of markets. Of course, the beauty and charm of the hand-built oven and barbecue are unmatched. And the things where we put personal work or ideas into us are much more valuable and expensive. Let us not overlook the fact that in this way we will preserve and transmit a tradition!