The purple color still dominates as a trend in interior design, whether as an accent or a basic palette. If your home furnishings fit this range, then you could take advantage of our suggestions below for purple purple Christmas decorations. This, of course, does not mean that only homeowners of similar colors should be considered, but everyone else who has enough sense of style, class, imagination and a great deal of determination.

The basic rules here are:

  1. Do not mix more than two other colors with purple (a neutral color is a good combination of black, white, gray), in some cases you can experiment with other colors, but be careful not to get mediocre - bordering on kitsch.
  2. You can combine with different shades of purple (provide a color scheme).
  3. Hypermarkets can offer you ready-made options - take advantage of this.
  4. Keep in mind that the purple color claims to be aristocratic and luxurious.
  5. Consider the light (Christmas lights).
  6. Everything has to suggest style, elegance and uncompromising detail.

If you have already decided to realize your purple Christmas, here are some ideas for you: