With the present ideas for landscaping the yard, involving the planning and construction of stone garden paths, we will give several different views on the use of natural or worked rock fragments in the formulation of perfect compositions. When designing landscaping it is good to anticipate lines of movement for people in the midst of flowers and other garden vegetation, decorations and landscaped corners, arbors, ponds, etc., which lines will create order and prevent chaotic passage. The use of stone to create such alleyways is one of the most commonly used methods - on the one hand, due to the aesthetic attachment of the rock fragments to the middle, and on the other, because of their natural hardness and stability. The easiest approach is to arrange stone slabs along the entire length of the road, connecting the starting and ending points in the yard, but the possibility of further processing and creating the right stone shapes gives much wider boundaries to creative expression in the design and arrangement of this part of the garden decorations and functional elements.