The BBQ area design ideas shown here focus on the overall planning of the outdoor space provided. Creating a place like this is, in most cases, an endeavor that requires precise preparation and considerable financial resources, but if you can afford it, you will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of outdoor dinners in a pleasant and even luxurious setting. Most often, the formation of such zones is based on the harmonious intertwining of stone and wood. The combination of a hinged structure such as pergola or pavilion, with a place for fire and cooking is a prerequisite for this. Combining an oven or fireplace with a barbecue is also common. Of course, luxury appliances also have their place in the construction of these outdoor kitchens, combined with seating areas. It is not uncommon when such constructions are of a scale predisposing to the gathering of large families or companies. Given that perhaps the best time to use such an area is the evenings, lighting is also an element that needs to be well thought out and incorporated into the overall concept. Here are some ideas: