With current ideas and tips for the aquarium in the living room and its integration into the overall concept of interior design, we will look into one of the possibilities for creating an autonomous aquatic home at home. The beauty of such a performance is indisputable, but anyone who decides to make such a cost should also consider future care for such a habitat. The good thing is that there is no stylistic or color restriction for the realization of such an idea, and the size and shape of the aquarium can vary within extremely wide limits. Of course, there are a number of technical requirements that require expert assistance at the planning stage. The same applies to the plant and animal species that will be reared in this aquatic home, as well as their specific requirements, incl. and life support systems.

With respect to the functional certainty of such an interior element, there are also a number of possibilities - it can be a single accent, a focal interior zone, a kind of space-volume divider or a harmonious fit into the overall concept of detail. Regardless of the details of the selection and execution, however, if we create a similar corner in the living room, we will actually transform into a diminutive environment from which millions of years ago the life of the planet was born, we will take care of it and be able to enjoy a dynamic the changing natural beauty of the home.

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