Most of you probably know him well and have tried it at least once, bought from the store. Here we will show you a recipe for how to make this wonderful sweet bread by itself, which some call an ice cream and others bread or even a cupcake. We will present it to you as an Easter cake.

In Italy, the province of Lombardy, the insect Panetone must attend the festive Easter meal. This magnificent ritual bread was, in the beginning, only part of the Christmas tradition, but gradually everyone became so addicted to the soft and flavorful dough with raisins that they began kneading it for Easter. Naturally, like any other recipe, this one also has dozens of variations and claims for an original start. Therefore, we simply present to you a magnificent variant of this culinary temptation. It may seem complicated, but if you don't roll up your sleeves and try, you can't handle the challenge.

Required products by stages of implementation:

Stage1 - Basis Stage2 - First dough Stage3 - Second dough Stage4 - Last dough and stuffing
1 / 2 bag (from 7) dry May
40 ml. hot water
1 / 4 hours flour
1 / 2 bag (from 7) dry May
1.5 (about 30 ml.) warm water
1 large room temperature egg
About 100g. flour
2 sugar
1 / 4 hours saltless oil at room temperature
1 big egg
2 large yolks
1 / 3 hours sugar
1.5 med
1 / 2 vanilla extract
1 / 2 lemon essence
1 / 2 orange essence
1 / 2 salt
1 / 2 hours saltless oil at room temperature
About 200g. flour and more 100g. for kneading
3 / 4 hours raisins
Dried and / or candied fruits, locum
Grated 1 / 2 orange peel
Grated 1 / 2 lemon peel
1 to 1,5 flour

Sweet Panettone Bread - Panettone

Method of preparation:
Stage1 (Base) - Pour out the yeast and water and allow to mix (about 10 min). Add the flour and mix. Cover and let double the volume (about 20-30 min.)

Stage2 (First Dough) - Put water and yeast in a bowl and let them mix for 10 min. Add the Stained1, egg, flour and sugar base. Finally, add the softened butter and mix until smooth. Cover the bowl and leave for just over an hour.

Stage3 (Second Dough) - In Stage2 dough, place and mix well the egg, yolks, sugar, honey, vanilla and essences, salt. Add the oil and stir until homogenized. Carefully and gradually pour in the flour. At this point, the dough will look too soft. It should be well mixed and then knead until it can retain its shape. Do not add too much flour as this will affect the finished product - just over half of the 100 grams predicted. kneading must be sufficient.
Put in a greased bowl and cover. Leave it warm for about 2-3 to triple its volume. Alternatively, leave it at room temperature for about 2 hours (until it stops growing), then store it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day you will have to wait for him to relax before working with him.

Stage4 (Last dough and stuffing) - Soak the raisins and dried fruits in water or rum for about 30 min. Strain and mix with other prepared stuffing ingredients. Roll an oval out of the dough in Step3 dough and sprinkle some of the stuffing. Wrap and roll again. Add another portion of the filling and repeat the operation. When done, shape a ball that you place in wrapped cylindrical baking paper. This is the classic method of preparing Panettone. You can also place it directly in an oiled pan with a higher board - about 17-20 cm in diameter at 10-13cm in height. Make a shallow X-section on the dough and let it double in volume. This can take from 2 to 4 hours. Just before baking, carefully make a new cut and place a lump of butter in the center.
Put in the preheated 200 degree oven. After 10min. reduce it to 180, and ten more down to 170 degrees. Bake more about 30min. until brown or until the wooden stick sample is clean. You can store it in a closed container for a long time, but the taste of the fresh sourdough is best.