We present you an interesting and beautiful project of a spacious one-storey house with 3 bedrooms and a veranda. The home areas are large and allow for variations in interior design that are not limited by volume. The smallest bedroom is over 15sq.m and the other two are approximately 20 square meters, and also have large dressing rooms. There are two bathrooms - one is small and the other is over 11sq.m. A large lobby, which passes into the corridor, connects the entrance hall with all the living quarters in the house. The living room is close to 40sq.m. and the kitchen, which is separated, is over 16sq.m. From the living room comes a lovely veranda in the beautiful garden, and next to the entrance hall, with access from the home and the yard, is a storage and / or boiler room.

The facade is bright, with partial mosaic decoration, contrasting with the dark roof, window frames and plinth at the bases. The garden is stylish, with mostly grass and symmetrically arranged shrubs.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 6.25m²; 2. foyer / corridor - 26.41m²; 3.bath- 11.37m²; 4. bath - 3.61m²; 5. bedroom - 18.87m²; 6. wardrobe - 5.96m²; 7. bedroom - 15.25m²; 8. bedroom - 20.68m²; 9. wardrobe - 8.14m²; 10.days - 38.96m²; 9.kitchen - 16.14m²; 10. warehouse / boiler room - 15.18m².

Living space (no storage / boiler room): 171.64m²

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