The presented project of a beautiful one-storey house with three bedrooms and a veranda demonstrates the possibility of creating a functional, comfortable and beautiful home with a not so large built-up area. Under one roof there are a spacious living room, 3 bedrooms, served by a combined bathroom and a separate toilet, as well as a boiler / storage space. All areas in the house are connected by a L-shaped corridor, which from the entrance hall leads to the living room to the right and left to the beautiful veranda in the backyard, which has direct access from one bedroom and living room.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. Entrance hall - 6.0m²; 2. Lobby / corridor - 8.7m²; 3. Living room with dining area - 27.8m²; 4. Kitchen - 10.4m²; 5. Boiler / service room - 4.5 m6; 2.3. WC - 7m²; 8.0. Corridor - 8m²; 15.8. Bedroom - 9m²; 8.2.Bathroom - 10m²; 15.9. Bedroom - 11m²; 15.4. Bedroom - XNUMXm².

Built-up Area: 182.2m²
House volume: 757.07m³
Total usable area: 151.2m²
Roof height: 5.6m
Roof slope: 20 °

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