Anyone can make a garden turtle-flower from an old car tire, if there is patience, little experience and inspiration. Unlike many of the old tire decoration ideas described earlier, this one is relatively easy to implement because it is not associated with complex cuts and shapes.
Of course, some experience and the right tools are needed because, as we have already noted, the strength and multilayer structure of tires could create trouble and pose a risk of injury to the inexperienced enthusiast.

Method of production:

All you need are two old car tires, paint, a plastic bottle or other suitable decoration imitating a turtle's head. One tire is cut into four equal parts, and one board of the other is divided into six. At each of the six points, cuts are made through all the layers of the tire, two opposite ones being narrower, respectively for the head and tail, and the other four are wider and in accordance with the width of the other tire. From each of the four pieces of the initially cut tire, a "leg" of the tortoise is formed, which is pushed into the corresponding section of the second tire. The "head" is also attached, which can be made of wood or simply a painted and painted plastic container. The "tail" is made of a triangular piece of rubber. Everything is arranged and colored, placed in the chosen place and filled with soil and flowers. Here are some ideas for implementation: