An arch of flowers in the garden can be made by anyone who has the desire and inspiration to create such irresistible beauty. Different types of arches have been widely used over the centuries in different building structures and their specific shape, depending on the details of the construction, is associated with the classic harmonious completion of monumental buildings - temples, mansions, palaces and palaces. The use of vaulted structure in garden decorations is relatively easy to perform, live and at the same time stable. Whether they are two interconnected vaults or an entire tunnel, they provide a fertile ground for shaping extremely beautiful flower domes - a kind of transition between two worlds. The details of the execution can vary, both in the materials used, and in the specific shape and ornamentation. Semicircular, pointed, parabolic, elliptical, with different centers, etc. are part of the region's and culture's distinctive performances.

Practical workmanship can be of many different materials, but as an element of garden design the most commonly used are wood and metal. Depending on the particular material and the intended load, the method of attachment to the ground is also determined. However, this is only the technical part of the job. When it comes to plants and flowers, and their harmonious combination in a symbiotic whole, specific gardening skills come, because the creation of such a charm is subject to many specific knowledge and skills.