In the following lines, we will briefly describe an artistic idea of ​​how a coin mass can be made. In addition to the fun and beautiful, the performance will remind you of the way of money; money that many aspire to, but do not respect. The truth is that coins are the beginning of modern finances and the pennies, cents, pennies, pennies and other such metallic currency symbols are the ones that build larger monetary units.

The idea in itself is simple and reminds a number of methods already described for constructing surfaces by arranging elements. Depending on the end goal, there may be several different approaches, but in each case you will need many coins.

Method of production:

As with any complex task, you must first make a plan and think about the details. A few questions to answer before you begin are: How many and what coins do you need? Just arranging them or looking for a composite effect? How will you attach them to the countertop? Will you apply a resin coat? Where will you work? Will you follow the curves at the edges? and others. similar. First, it's a good idea to secure all the coins you want, and even to insure yourself with the quantity. If you are going to cover the sides of the countertop, following the curves of the table, bending coins will be necessary, which is no easy task. There are two basic approaches to finishing - to put a glass top, which involves the placement of several silicone buffers to protect the glass from possible breakage or to flood everything with epoxy. In the second variant, it is necessary to remove the hob and work in a well prepared room because of the droplets of the resin, the lack of dust, the required at least 48 hours for drying, the need for heating for the removal of air bubbles, etc. Depending on the composition you choose, you can work with coins in different shades and alloys. There is no one-size-fits-all way of cleaning coins since even the same denominations of different emissions can be made of different alloys, but in general lemon juice or vinegar with water do the job. The arrangement on the worktop must be accompanied by a fixation, which can be accomplished by means of an instant adhesive, silicone or covering the work surface with double-sided adhesive film. However, regardless of the details of the planned work, the final result is always impressive. Here are some examples of this: