The decorations in the garden have a different look when you make them yourself. The personal work invested in their creation makes them their own and unique. The idea of ​​a flower garden in the yard has different options for making - some more complex and some simpler. The idea of ​​a wooden handmade flower trolley is both a practical and easy-to-follow version of natural materials. They can be residual or scrap boards and beams, and the size is determined by needs and space.

Flower bed wooden hand cart

You need boards for shaping the box and the wheel of the stroller - A, B, C and F; beams for the main structure and bearing elements - D and G; wooden axle for the wheel - E. To make this beautiful garden decoration it is good to make templates in advance to assemble the flower bed, and the connection of the details can be with nails or screws, as well as with strong mounting glue. If you want to plant the flowers directly in the wooden box, it is good to impregnate it or put a nylon coating on the inside, as well as drill drainage holes. Color if you want and place in the selected place.