The natural flame always creates comfort in the home and can be in harmony with even the most futuristic designs. If you do not have a fireplace, the fire can be present in the house by candles or lamps as interior decoration or table decoration.

We will offer you an artistic, extremely easy, but at the same time very beautiful idea for a handmade oil lamp. The whole process does not require a lot of time or big budget, desire, inspiration and imagination are enough. Need a jar or more than one, with a beautiful shape and a solid cap on a screw, hammer, screwdriver or awl (drill and clutch with two washers and two nuts for a more solid performance), wick, paraffin, or oil lamp fluid, decorations for choice (various fruits and gifts from nature).

First you have to make a hole in the cap through which to push the wick. The easiest way to do this is to place the cap on the board and drill it with a hammer and screwdriver. In the case of higher metal density or a massive wick, it is advisable to perform this operation with a drill and the cap must be secured extremely securely so that it does not rotate with the drill bit. If you want more precision and workmanship, it is a good idea to buy a clutch with an external thread and a diameter of wick from a specialist store to push through the hole. Then fix it with washers and nuts or other nozzle. You push the wick (you can also do this on the finish when you turn the cap), which ends the technical part of the work and leaves you artistic.

You can arrange any jar with unlimited combinations of natural products - cones, flowers, twigs, leaves, fruits, vegetables, nuts, pebbles, shells and more. Depending on the season or holiday, approach thematically. For Christmas, cones and fir or pine twigs are suitable as the main motif, while in summer decorations marine elements and flowers are more expected. During this craftsmanship, it is advisable to leave room for the part of the wick that will stand inside the jar, or place the wick itself among the decorations and then push it through the opening in the cap.

When done with the decoration, pour in paraffin or other lamp oil. This is a prerequisite for long-lasting combustion on the one hand, and on the other hand it will preserve your work from natural materials, preserving the colors and freshness of the decoration. You screw the cap on and the unique, handmade lamp is ready to give mood and romance to any holiday and home.