Pineapple cake is a traditional and much loved American dessert. Since confectionery is a whole universe of flavors and flavors, and the more we experiment, the more we expand its boundaries, so this idea is worth a try. Quick and easy to prepare, the cake can be made with fresh or canned fruit. If you buy fresh pineapple, you may also try it yourself plant and grow at home.
Required products (for 25-26cm form):

Pineapple cake

Topping: 70 gr. Cow butter
1 / 2 hours Brown sugar
1 pineapple compote or sliced ​​fresh fruit
Cherries or cherries
For marsh: 2 eggs
2 / 3 hours sugar
About 6 pineapple juice
1 h flour
1 vanilla
1 / 3 backpacker
A pinch or two of salt

Method of preparation:

Melt butter in the form and sprinkle with brown sugar evenly. Arrange the washers on the top. If you use canned fruit, dry well before placing in a pan. Decorate the center of each slice with cherries or pitted cherries. Beat the eggs until thick (about 5min.) And gradually add the sugar as you continue to mix. Pour in and beat pineapple juice and vanilla. Mix flour with salt and baking powder and add to other marshmallow products. Stir until homogenized, then cover with fruit and brown sugar. Flatten the surface and place in preheated 170 ° C. Bake until the sample is clean - from 45 minutes to about an hour. Leave for 5-10 min. And remove with a knife from the walls of the baking dish, then turn over to a platter and serve immediately or wait for it to cool. Cream and ice cream are wonderful additions to this gorgeous dessert.