This project is a practical one-storey house with 3 bedrooms and a garage of a useful living area of ​​just over 90sq.m. is yet another proof that a functional and comfortable building for year-round use can be built without unnecessary waste. Neat and beautiful, the building offers three sleeping quarters, serviced by two bathrooms - a bathroom with toilet and a separate bathroom. The rooms are comfortable and of normal size. The living room is sunny and open to a lovely veranda in the backyard. The dining table is replaced by a dining table, which is a continuation of this separating kitchen. The kitchen itself also has a window over the sink.

The facade is white, with stone finishes in the bases and colored arrangements on the windows. The beautiful garden is in symbiotic relationship with the overall vision of the house, and the red roof complements the pastoral radiance of comfort and harmony.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 1.90m²; 2. foyer - 3.60m²; 3. kitchen - 9.20m²; 4th living room - 28.20m²; 5. corridor - 5.20m²; 6.wc - 1.40m²; 7.bath - 7.50m²; 8. bedroom - 12.00m²; 9. bedroom - 12.40m²; 10. bedroom - 12.10m²; 11. boiler room - 6.20m²; 11. garage - 17.80m².

Total: 117.50m²

Living space: 93.50m²;
Built-up Area: 165.80m²
Height of the house: 6.15m;
Cubic capacity: 729.00m³;
Roof slope: 32 °

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