In the presented project of a wooden one-storey house with three bedrooms and a veranda we can note some interesting points. First, perhaps, is the separation of the living room and kitchen-dining areas, which are equal in size, into two separate rooms. The living room enters directly from the lobby, after the entrance hall, and into the kitchen from the hallway into which it enters. Another interesting point is the two bathrooms that are next to each other and the boiler room is next to them. Thirdly, in most of the projects presented, when a home has a veranda, it almost always has access to it from the living room, while here it comes from the kitchen as well as from the boiler room. The bedrooms are almost identical in size and are positioned side by side at the end of the hallway opposite to the living rooms.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 4.96m²; 2. foyer + corridor - 17.41m²; - 18.81m²; 4.bathroom - 1.97m²; 5.bath - 7.28m²; 6. bedroom - 12.69m²; 7. bedroom - 12.69m²; 8. bedroom - 13.14m²; 9. kitchen with dining room - 18.81m²; 10. boiler room - 5.11m².

Living space: 107.76m²

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