The convenience of the many rooms and usable areas in a wonderful home is one of the first things we noticed in this project of a beautiful mansard house and five bedrooms. A spacious entrance hall leads to the lobby, which connects the premises on the first floor and the stairs to the second level. The smaller left side of the floor is separated by two bedrooms and a boiler room between them. The bathroom is located next to the steps for the attic, and after them goes into the living room, which is spacious and an area of ​​about 70 square meters, which can be divided into three - kitchen, dining room and living room. The kitchen has an island countertop and two bright walls with corner windows and can be separated from the rest of the living room by sliding doors. The living area is open in two directions to the large L-shaped terrace around the house and overlooks the beautiful garden.

On the attic level, around the central entrance, there are three large sleeping quarters and two bathrooms. The largest bedroom is about 40sq.m. and resembles a studio because a seating area is also provided. The next largest one has a lovely terrace overlooking the backyard, and the smallest, which is almost 20sq.m, has its own dressing room. From one bathroom goes to under-roof volume without natural light, which is intended for washing / drying and ironing room.

Internal distribution of the house:
First floor:
1st floor - 9.74m²; 2. foyer + corridor - 13.28m²; 3.stairs - 3.21m²; 4.bathroom - 4.50m²; 5. boiler room - 7.57m²; 6. bedroom - 13.78m²; 7. bedroom - 13.90m²; 8. dining room - 14.08m²; - 15.18m²; 11.Day - 39.62m².

Total: 134.86m²

1. entrance hall - 15.17m²; 2.bathroom - 9.95m²; and smooth - 13.11m²; 4.bath - 8.28m²; and bedroom - 38.20m²; 6. bedroom - 19.76m²; 7. wardrobe - 7.52m²; 8. bedroom - 21.51m²; 9. terrace - 2.28m².

Total: 135.78m²

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