The characteristic features of this project of a large house with an attic, basements and garage are several. First of all, perhaps, the area of ​​the premises should be noted, as there is no room under 20sq.m. and even the single garage is nearly 40sq.m. The division of the kitchen with the dining room from the living room into two separate rooms is also contrary to the standard approaches for combining into a common tract. The design of three basements is also not a common approach in house projects, where excavation and basement formation are avoided.

Otherwise, the house has 4 bedrooms, two of which are on the first floor and two are in the attic, and between them is situated a large rectangular room, which can be formed as a second living room. A large bathroom with toilet serves these rooms, while on the first floor this bathroom is divided into two separate spaces.

The basements, as we said, are three and two of them have light openings, and one of them has access to and from the yard. The facade of the house is designed in a combination of stone and wood, with light plaster and a contrasting dark roof.

Internal distribution of the house:
Floor 1:
1st entrance - 9.02m²; 2. foyer - 25.24m²; 3. kitchen with dining room - 21.60m²; 4.WC - 2.66m²; 5. bath - 7.35m²; 6. living room - 27.00m²; 7. bedroom - 26.10m²; 8. bedroom - 22.05m²; 9. Garage - 39.00 m9; 13.92. Boiler room / warehouse - XNUMX mXNUMX.

1. room / living room - 39.15m²; 2. bath - 7.35m²; 3rd bedroom - 28.44m²; 4. bedroom - 37.80m²;

1. entrance platform - 5.04m²; 2. entrance hall - 4.20 m3; 17.10.maza - 4m²; 11.20.maza - 5m²; 14.85. basement with exit to the yard - XNUMXm².

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