With the next project of a compact single-storey two-bedroom house, we will try to show the possibility of building a beautiful and functional home with a living area of ​​less than 90sq.m. The almost square-shaped house hides behind its four walls a spacious living room with a kitchen and dining area, and even a small closet, occupying a little more than half its volume. Open to the living room, it connects it to the two sleeping quarters and the bathroom between them, as well as to the entrance hall, where there is a separate toilet. The kitchen area overlooks the main entrance of the house, through a window above the worktop, and at the opposite end of the living room leads to a lovely D-shaped terrace in the garden.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 6.30m²; 2.wc - 1.79m²; 3. foyer + corridor - 9.88m²; 4.bathroom- 4.93m²; 5. bedroom - 13.43m²; 6. bedroom - 12.07m²; 7.days - 24.09m²; 8.killer - 1.91m²; 9. kitchen with dining room - 13.63m².

Living space: 88.03m²

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