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Fast, easy, delicious!

    Quick and easy recipes.

    Breaded rapana

    Breaded rapans are an exceptional delicacy and culinary masterpiece with minimal

    Potatoes with bacon, mushrooms and yellow cheese

    The current recipe for potatoes with bacon, mushrooms and yellow cheese in

    Churos - Traditional Spanish Tolminbi

    The dessert called Churo / Churos is fast and easy to make

    Adjar Khachapuri

    Khachapuri (Georgian - ხაჭაპური by ხაჭო (khach) - cottage cheese and

    Radiated meatballs in bacon

    A fun idea and easy to prepare meatball recipe in

    Zucchini boats

    Easy recipe for stuffed zucchini shaped like boats. There are different

    Roast chicken on salt

    This is the easy, healthy and economical recipe they are for

    Tomato meatballs

    A delicious and quick recipe for stuffed tomatoes with minced meat. Necessary

    Beautiful egg muffins with cheese and prosciutto

    It's an idea of ​​how to impress with beautiful, artistic muffins

    The most delicious Panagyurish eggs in just 8 minutes

    We bring you a new look at the traditional Egg

    Kebab with eggplants

    Required products: 6 pc. eggplants 2 pcs. tomatoes 500 gr

    The easiest cookie roll

    This is a forgotten recipe for cookie rolls, butter

    Pumpkin moussaka - two options

    We present you two very tasty and light variants of the traditional

    Fast dinner in a beef - in 6 minutes

    This is a quick dinner recipe that is prepared at

    Stuffed Garlic Zucchini with olives and cream

    This is a recipe for stuffed zucchini with olives, cream,

    Napoleon biscuits - delicious and easy dessert

    Napoleon is one of the many names and variations of the classic

    Quick and easy homemade banana ice cream

    Ice cream is one of the irresistible desserts in the hot summer months.

    Butter rose dough stuffed with chicken and yellow cheese

    Prepare beautiful roses from a puff pastry and chicken stuffing

    Fast, easy and delicious bread pizza

    This is a quick, easy and delicious pizza option

    Fast, easy and delicious bread pizza

    How to cook a delicious and very fast pizza that

    Fresh rolls of cucumber

    In the warm months of the year the body needs fresh

    Delicious homemade pastry patties

    There is no tastier breakfast than a warm, homemade pie. The unique aroma

    Easy banana cake with artistic finish

    There are a number of ways to prepare delicious things with

    Stuffed potatoes

    Potatoes are one of the culinary gifts for the modern world received

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