This project of a neat one-storey house with 2 bedrooms, veranda and garage is an example of symmetrical distribution of residential premises in one house with the correct shape. With the exception of the garage, which can be seen as an additional, though connected structure, all rooms are located around a central entrance, which enters the hallway. There are doors to two relatively large bedrooms, a living room, a boiler room, a bathroom and a toilet. Only the larger bedroom has an additional wardrobe. The living room can be conditionally divided into a kitchen area, which enters from the lobby, and a living-dining room, which in turn is open to an incredibly beautiful and richly arranged flower garden porch.

The façade is bright and the cladding combines plaster, stone and wood, which, in combination with the beautiful garden and the well-rounded surroundings, create the unique appearance of this fabulous house.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st floor - 6.81m²; 2. entrance hall / foyer - 14.52m²; 3.wc - 2.08m²; 4.bath- 7.31m²; 5. bedroom - 16.95m²; 6. bedroom - 20.78m²; 7. wardrobe - 1.77m²; 8. living room with dining area - 22.83m²; 9. kitchen - 10.08m²; 10. boiler room / warehouse - 6.60m²; 11. garage - 32.85m²

Living space (without garage and boiler): 103.13m²

Additionally: Porch - 27.10

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