We present you a project for a classic single-storey 3-bedroom house of 125sq.m. area. The correct rectangular shape of the home determines the same internal distribution. Three bedrooms, the largest has its own wardrobe, are serviced by one large bathroom, but if desired to design a second bathroom, adjacent storage and / or boiler room can meet these needs. The kitchen with the dining room and the living room can be in the common living room or separated into separate rooms by means of an intermediate whole or partial interior wall. From the kitchen and dining area there is an exit to the back yard via a small terrace.

The facade is bright and contrasts with the dark roof covering, and stone cladding from the foundations to the level of the dark windows also surround the home and complement the authentic pastoral radiance.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st floor - 3.84m²; 2.Foyer / corridor - 16.51m²; 3.bath- 8.69m²; 4. bedroom - 13.67m²; 5. bedroom - 13.36m²; 6. wardrobe - 3.67m²; 7. bedroom - 18.34m²; 8.days - 19.82m²; 9. kitchen with dining room - 22.09m²; 10. boiler room / warehouse - 5.00m²;

Living space (excluding boiler room): 119.99m²

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