This project of a beautiful one-storey house with 3 bedrooms and a veranda once again demonstrates the effectiveness of simple solutions and the right shapes. On a living area of ​​about 110sq.m. are distributed premises satisfying the needs of a normal family - without unnecessary extravagance, but also without restrictions in the squaring. The bedrooms are regular in shape and approximately the same size of 12-13 square meters. A large bathroom serves them, but there is also a separate toilet. A spacious corridor-lobby connects them with the entrance hall and the living area. An interesting approach is the separation of the living room and kitchen-dining area by building a chimney body and a fireplace in the center of the volume. In this way the living room is oriented towards the entrance terrace, and the dining room and the kitchen provide access to a magnificent veranda in the garden. There is an approach to the veranda from the boiler room located in the wet rooms.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st entrance - 4.64m²; 2. boiler room - 5.11m²; 3. foyer + corridor - 17.40 m4; 18.72. living room - 5m²; 18.79. kitchen with dining room - 6m²; 1.97. WC - 7m²; 7.28.bath- 8m²; 12.67. bedroom - 9m²; 12.72. bedroom - 10m²; 13.15. bedroom - XNUMXm².

Additionally: Veranda, Entrance terrace

Total living area (excluding boiler room): 107.76m²
Total area: 179.28m²

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