This is an unconventional recipe for making spaghetti with delicious garlic sauce.

Required products for half a packet of spaghetti (about 3-4 servings):

Half a pack of your favorite spaghetti, broth, cheese, smoked fillet or ham, 3-4 hard boiled eggs. For the sauce: 1 cup of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1-2 cloves of garlic, salt, dried dill, parsley.

Spaghetti with garlic sauce

Method of preparation:

Pre-cook 3-4 eggs and then cut them into small cubes.

First, prepare the spaghetti sauce. Pour the yogurt into a bowl and season to taste. Add grated or crushed garlic, mustard, dill and mix well. Finely chop parsley and add to the mixture. Stir again. This is the sauce that will stand to taste while the spaghetti is cooked.

Pour half a packet of spaghetti into boiling water. Add a cube of broth and a few drops of oil. Allow to cook according to package directions.

In this recipe, the spaghetti is not drained or cooled before serving, but placed hot on a wide plate. Sprinkle heavily with grated yellow cheese. Pour over the already prepared sauce and top with the finely chopped fillets or ham, boiled eggs and some parsley. Enjoy your meal!