Spaghetti, like any pasta, is easy and quick to prepare. They are simply boiled in salted water and the original taste comes from the respective sauce they serve. Surprises are difficult to come by, but here we present an extremely attractive way to make sausage spaghetti. In this case, sausages are used, but this recipe can also be prepared with any other sufficiently mild and cookable sausage.

Cut the saucers into pieces from 2 to 4cm. Carefully run through the meaty part of the raw spaghetti. Depending on the thickness of the spaghetti, that of the sausages and your skills depends on how many spaghetti you will make. The bundles thus obtained are boiled in water for the appropriate time required to cook the spaghetti. Carefully strain and arrange on plates. Serve with ketchup or specially prepared sauce of your choice, vegetables or just like that. Everyone will be surprised.