The stylish project of a beautiful two-bedroom house presented here is a variation of the one already shown, but with a reduction of the built-up area. Of course, the construction of a ground / semi-underground level is envisaged here as well, if the terrain and the investment intentions allow it. The design layout itself has been minimally changed, as the bathroom on the first floor, although relatively large, is only one, and the living room and kitchen-dining area are partially separated. The beautiful verandas, large in front of the living room and small in front of the entrance, remain unchanged.

The underground level offers the same good organization of the space, but with a smaller area. The facade and roof are designed in contrasting tones, and with the use of stone, brick, wood and wrought iron, which emphasize the general feeling of harmonious beauty, the natural connection with the charm of the surrounding nature is achieved.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st entrance - 8.65m²; 2. warehouse - 4.40 m3; 7.40. entrance hall / lobby - 4 m7.20; 5.bath- 15.00m²; 6. bedroom - 16.45m²; 7. bedroom - 22.60m²; 8. living room - 15.80m²; with dining room - XNUMXm².

Additionally: 11.veranda at the entrance - 11.00m²; 12.Verana in front of the living room - 30.00m²;

Ground / semi-underground level:
1. entrance hall - 5.25 m2; Corridor 2.90 - 3m²; 2.50. toilet - 4 m8.70; 5. relaxation zone - 7.95m²; 6. sauna - 15.00m²; 7. storage room - 9.85m²; 8. storage room - 39.25m²; 9. billiards / entertainment room - 5.55m²; 10. service room - 9.40m²; 11. boiler room - 25.80 mXNUMX; XNUMX. cellar / winery - XNUMXm².