The Trigrad Gorge is the most magnificent of all in Bulgaria. It ranks third in length after the Buinovo and Tran Gorges. It is located along the Trigradska River in the Western Rhodopes and is only 1.5km north of the village of Trigrad. The unique beauty of the Trigrad Gorge is complemented by the mysterious Devil's Throat Cave, which is part of it. Interestingly, the waters of the Trigradska River flow into the Devil's Cave and form the highest underwater waterfall in the Balkans (42m). Half a kilometer later the river again appears on the surface in the form of a large karst spring. Over the 10 species of rare birds live in the age-old rocks. In the eastern slope of the Trigrad Gorge, much higher is another famous cave - the Haramii Cave. About 500m before the beginning of the gorge is the Trigrad Rocks ridge, and near it is the only bear museum in Bulgaria.