Here is a not so easy idea to make a two-chamber barbecue smoker made of junk barrels. The essential difference between a grill and a barbecue is in the process of cooking. While in the first case there is a direct exposure to high temperature and fire, in the second, in the classical version, it is understood to be cooking on indirect fire and with more smoke. This is difficult to achieve in single-chamber models because the food is in close proximity to the coals, the temperature is high and they often ignite and this results in burning. In two-chamber models, there is a separation of combustion and cooking processes, with food being processed by indirect heat transfer and the passage of heated smoke. In this way it is prepared without contact with fire, but its aroma and taste are unmatched. This idea requires two unnecessary barrels, which is desirable to know what they contained before, metal profiles for frame and reinforcement, metal connection between barrels, refractory bricks, grill, chimney, plate for oxygen control valve and other details, which you need to think carefully if you decide to tackle this task.

Method of production:

Two-barbecue barbecue barbecue

Here we describe the principle of work, and any professional can change or add details. For example, the charge of the combustion chamber may be frontal or lateral, the refractory bricks therein may be arched directly on the barrel or laid on leveling profiles; combustion should be carried out on them or in a pre-prepared boiler, etc. First, a precise stage plan should be drawn up so that no repetition or rethinking is required. The preparation of the barrels, the construction of the frame, the reinforcement and their connection are all part of the mandatory activities. The upper chamber or cooking area must be split in two, with the refractory bricks placed tightly in place and forming an "air pocket", the opening of which is at the opposite end of the barrel connection. In this way, hot air and smoke will flow through, making a "double length" - under and above the bricks and distributing the temperature. Since it is not advisable to open the upper chamber during the cooking process, it is desirable to install two thermometers - left and right half. In the model shown above, due to the left connection and the chimney, it is natural to have a higher temperature in this half. The farther the thermometers are from one another, the greater the difference in readings will be, but they are a guide to the cooking process. The chimney, it is desirable to have a valve.

Two-chamber barbecue smoker made of junk barrels