This project of a mansard house, five bedrooms and a double garage can really be considered as unique, in that it uses the space in the most efficient way and allows to achieve all these usable areas on the basis of only 160sq.m. Almost all the living space on the first floor is separated into the living room, the kitchen and dining area can be conditionally separated from the living room, and both can lead to a wide staircase to the beautiful garden. The residential part of the level still includes one bedroom and a bathroom next to it. The lobby, which is open to the living room, connects the rooms on the floor to the entrance hall and the kitchen to the closet. The entrance hall is connected to the boiler room and through it to the double garage.

An internal staircase from the central part of the house leads to the attic floor. From the intermediate staircase it is possible to approach a room above the garage, which can be used as an office or a bedroom if needed. There are also two utility rooms. The end of the stairs leads to an attic hall, around which there are three more bedrooms and one relatively large bathroom. The three rooms have magnificent, flower-rich balconies in the front and back of the house, whose exterior looks meet the unique interior layout and make it a dream home.

House layout:
First floor:
1st floor - 4.10m²; 2.foyer - 7.65m²; / bedroom - 10.23m²; 4. kitchen with dining area - 17.45m²; 5. killer - 1.80m²; 6th living room - 27.13m²; 7.bath - 4.34m²; 8. boiler room / warehouse - 5.22m²; 9.Double garage - 39.37m².

Total: 117.29m²

Attic floor:
1. corridor / entrance hall - 6.01m²; 2. bedroom - 14.72m² (21.00m²); 3. bedroom - 13.08m² (20.00m²); 4. bedroom - 13.94m² (20.00m²); 5.bath - 6.85m² (9.95m²); 6. wardrobe - 3.98m² (5.99m²); 7. corridor / entrance hall - 4.25m²; 8. wardrobe - 3.26m² (5.76m²); 9.Cabinet / bedroom - 13.09m² (26.35m²); 10.Auxiliary room - - 3.23m² (6.69m²).

Total: 82.41m² (126.00m²)

Living space: 155.06m²
Built-up area: 160.65m²
Building Height: 8.73m
Volume: 632.00m³
Cover angle: 42 °

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