We present to you this magnificent project of a stylish and comfortable house with a mansard floor and a useful living area of ​​just over 110sq.m., A large garage and a boiler room next to it. The home has 4 bedrooms, one of them on the first floor, where almost all the rest of the living area is separated into the living room. Of course, there is a bathroom and a small closet in the kitchen area, which in turn is zoned by a bar. From the living room comes out into the garden, as well as from the garage and boiler room, which are connected to the entrance hall. The staircase leads to an attic hall, around which there are three more bedrooms, a large bathroom and a dressing room. Two of the bedrooms have access to a common terrace overlooking the beautiful garden.

The facade is bright and contrasts with the dark roof covering and also the dark windows and doors, enhancing the sense of style and comfort.

House layout:
First floor:
1st floor - 3.2m²; 2.foyer - 2.7m²; 3. kitchen - 12.0m²; 4. killer - 1.1m²; 5. living room with dining area - 30.0m²; 6th apartment - 9.6m²; 7.bath - 3.5m²; 8. garage - 29.7m²; 9. boiler room / warehouse - 6.7m².

Total: 98.5m²

Attic floor:
1. entrance hall - 9.7m²; 2. bedroom - 9.0m² (11.9m²); 3. bedroom - 10.4m² (13.7m²); 4. bedroom - 10.4m² (13.7m²); 5.bath - 7.1m² (8.0m²); 6. wardrobe - 3.7m² (4.7m²).

Total: 50.3m² (61.7m²)

Living space: 112.4m²
Building Height: 8.66m
Volume: 645.0m³
Cover angle: 45 °

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