The current project of a beautiful two-bedroom wooden one-storey house presents the possibility of building a compact and neat house on an area of ​​about 100sq.m., Such as 87sq.m. is clean residential. The interior layout is extremely practical and symmetrical, with two sleeping quarters in one half and a living room in the other. These halves are connected by an entrance hall, a lobby with a corridor and a bathroom. The slightly larger volume of the living room is offset by a lovely small veranda in front of one of the bedrooms.

Made of wood and positioned on a brick-lined pedestal, this one-storey house is an example of building a fully functional and beautiful home in a relatively small area.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st floor - 2.04m²; 2. entrance hall / lobby - 4.25m²; 3. corridor - 2.45m²; 4.bathroom - 6.62m²; 5. bedroom - 15.88m²; 6. bedroom - 15.88m²; 7.days - 24.91m²; 8. kitchen - 15.01m².

Living area: 87.04m²

Additionally: Porch - 7.50m²

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