The garden gazebo can be a place to rest and indulge in a favorite book, a place for coffee or tea, or a meeting and barbecue with friends. Making it from hand-made materials is an endeavor where a considerable amount of creativity and artistic impetus can be invested. Due to the fact that such a task is related to the construction of a load-bearing structure, we note that technical and expert training are required, but the materials can be far more standard than the classic ones. Generally, arbor is made of treated wood in the form of beams and boards, as well as other building materials. However, when replaced with whole tree trunks, the vision of the created changes unrecognizable. It is possible to build a simple shed, and can be made of railings or walls, for which reusable logs, branches, mixed materials can be used. The same applies to the roof structure. If one has inspiration and desire, creative possibilities are limitless. Here are some ideas for similar conversions: